Awesome Discovery Sessions – It’s Not Magic

Trond FrantzenTrond Frantzen, Managing Partner & Chief Business Analyst | The PowerStart Group

I’ve been studying and teaching Business System Analysis for many years. I’ve delivered courses and seminars to over 35,000 professionals. I hope others have enjoyed them as much as I have.

At the end of the day, the only way you can “do” Business System Analysis is to actually get together with clients, users, subject-matter experts and ask them what it is they need for their system. Sounds straight-forward. But we all know it isn’t. If it was, everyone would be doing it, without it being a big deal, and our business system requirements would be a breeze. But it just ain’t so.

In my courses and seminars I spend a lot of time addressing how to go about doing the business requirements analysis. I demonstrate. We discuss. We deal with the theories and practices. We do more demonstration.

But the reality is, a classroom course or a seminar is not the real world. And we can never spend enough time on the foundations and principles … the “how do I do this” … of sitting down with clients, users and subject-matter experts.

Discovery_Sessions_cover_(Kindle)My best-selling book, “How to Run Awesome Discovery Sessions” is about the “how do I do this” of sitting down with clients, users and subject-matter experts, to figure out what they really want and need for their system.

If you haven’t read this book yet … It will put into context the nature of your questions, the environment you need, how long it takes, who should be involved, and the tools you need.

You’ll also learn how to do it quickly, without missing a thing.

You’ll really find out what “real agile” means – with the results, the specifications, the documentation; but without the chaos.

Join the others who made this my best-selling book. It’s available on Kindle, so it’s an easy digital read.

Trond FrantzenTrond Frantzen is Managing Partner & Chief Business Analyst with the PowerStart Group. He specializes in rapid business requirements analysis, team development, and “bail-in” on challenged projects. His best-selling book, “How to Run Awesome Discovery Sessions” should be standard reading for all business system analysts.

Trond Frantzen is a business analyst, strategist, consultant, and an author. He has worked with scores of clients across Canada and the U.S., including government and private organizations, to deliver mission-critical projects. He specializes in "challenged" projects.

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