Process Modelling Course

Analysis workshopOn-Site Session | 1 day

Trond Frantzen, expert business analyst and author of several BA books, will lead and facilitate a one-day interactive session on-site at your company location.

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Business Process Modelling | On-Site Session | 1 day

  • For Non-Technical Analysts (technical members can also join this interactive session)
  • Exceptional team development in an interactive session
  • At your facility; on your schedule
  • Excellent results, led by a proven expert analyst

You will take away the following:

  • How to define the required processes based on specific circumstances or conditions
  • How to identify and document the data needed to support a business process – without being technical
  • How to uncover business rules that apply to the processes and data
  • How to write a clear and concise narrative to describe the business processes

Interactive Session: You will experience hands-on identification, development and documentation of various business processes. You will take away knowledge and skills.

What you will take home: Process Modeling for Business Analysts Made Easy

  • Reference Manual: Includes notes on the entire session and cheat-sheets.
  • Illustrated Book: Process Modeling for Business Analysts Made Easy (204 pages), with hundreds of diagrams, as an extensive supplement to the session materials.
  • Discovery_Sessions_cover_(Kindle)Guide Booklet: How to Run Awesome Discovery Sessions (50 pages), as a step-by-step guide to effective Discovery Sessions with your clients and subject-matter experts. This material is not covered in the session.
  • Universal Master Business Events List: Almost 4,000 sample “business events” covering many different business areas. A great way to get a project started.

 The price and small print: 

  • Private on-site fee (up to 15 persons): Corp: $4,950 | Gov’t & Non-Profits: $4,350. The price includes all materials, the two books, the instructor’s air travel, hotel, taxi, meals and workshop supplies. There are no additional costs to you. Taxes will be added where applicable.

RON KITCHEN: Manager, Applications Support – Business Systems & Risk Management | Saskatchewan Advanced Education

“I am pleased to provide a testimonial – and I can certainly attest to the quality of the PowerStart Approach.”


For questions and available dates, or to discuss your organization’s needs, please contact us.

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