PowerStart Business Building Lab

Business Development pictureThe PowerStart Business Building Lab is a 3½-day program of focused business development and growth strategies, led by Senior Partner Trond Frantzen

This 3½-day interactive Business Building Lab focuses on developing your sales, marketing strategies, assessing product or service diversification, scalability, risk management, building a superb team, organizational capability, and revenue & profit increase. 

  • The 1st Session – Foundations – ½-day: The opening half-day sets expectations, responsibilities, and planned outcomes. We will review your objectives, your development to date, and your go-forward plans and aspirations; and establish the health benchmark for each of the areas below.
  • The 2nd Session – Marketing & Sales Strategies – ½-day: The 2nd half-day session focuses on your marketing and sales strategies, where you’re at now and where you want to be.
  • The 3rd Session – Financial Management – ½-day: The 3rd half-day session addresses your current financial situation and processes, what your expectations are, the results you’re getting, and a strategy to move ahead. 
  • The 4th Session – Team & Time Management – ½-day: The 4th half-day session focuses on current issues with team and time management, delegation, responsibility, accountability and team development. 
  • The 5th Session – Operational Management – ½-day: The 5th half-day session focuses on current operational management, issues, disconnects, and plans to  increase efficiency and create an agile organization. 
  • The 6th Session – Stakeholder Assessment & Review – full day: This 6th full-day session synthesizes what has been learned from the previous 5 sessions, and produces an action plan for short, medium and long-term strategies to move your organization ahead to success. In addition to identifying Success Metrics, it will include a continuity plan.

Each interactive session is held with company stakeholders and team members who will focus on individual areas of the business. After each interactive session, you will be left with specific tasks to resolve and implement; and success metrics and a continuity plan for each area.

For one year following these discovery sessions, Trond Frantzen will follow-up with your executive each quarter to review progress, at no additional cost.

The price and small print: 

  • Full 3½-day, 6 Session Program: $5,985 (plus GSTThis is less than $1000 per discovery session. The price includes all materials. There are no additional costs to you.

If you would like to discuss scheduling and other questions, please contact Trond Frantzen (Managing Partner) by email or phone

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