Bail-In Project Analysis Consulting

On-Project CoachingThe simple truth is – projects succeed or fail based on what happens at the front-end, during business requirements analysis.

To stay on the fast-track and get superior results, a PowerStart expert analyst will lead and guide your team through the “bail-in” process of agile project planning, requirements analysis and review activities, working with select members of your team in the techniques and processes that lead to assured success.

The Bail-In Project Analysis Consulting plan is based on the PowerStart 6-Point Project Plan. This program is always part of a real, live project and usually lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the project. It is intended for “challenged” projects, but can be used very effectively on any kind of project. It includes:

  • Initiate Project: Working with the selected team of one or more people, we will identify “pilots” and “co-pilots” for the project. Assignments will include analyzing and documenting the project rationale, mandate, perceived scope, Discovery Sessions schedule, identified risks, expectations and budget for the project. We will also define the metrics required to measure project “success”.

  • Define Project Parameters: Client and subject-matter expert involvement will be defined, as well as the deliverables and artifact standards for the business requirements. This will be integrated into the overall project plan, which – if it entails phased delivery – will include phased business requirements analysis. Most importantly, we will define the acceptance and “sign off” process for the business requirements.

  • Process Modeling for Business Analysts Made EasyProvide Initial Training: The team will be guided and coached through 1½ days of a PowerStart Business Analysis workshop (developed by Trond Frantzen). The team will also receive a copy of Trond Frantzen’s book, “Process Modeling for Business Analysts Made Easy”. These workshops – and coaching by the PowerStart expert analyst – will guide the team’s analysis activities through the project.

  • Plan & Conduct Project Scope Blitz: Working with your team, we will plan and invite clients and subject-matter experts to a ½-day or 1-day Project Scope Blitz. We will then lead the team in conducting the scheduled Project Scope Blitz to detail the actual scope and the business areas / departments involved at each stage of the business analysis process. This gets the entire extended team on the same page.

  • Plan & Conduct Discovery Sessions: Discovery_Sessions_cover_(Kindle)Based on the outcome of the Project Scope Blitz, we will lead the team to plan subsequent detailed Discovery Sessions, and predict the precise amount of time needed to complete the business requirements analysis. Based on the schedule established, we will lead the team to conduct detailed Discovery Sessions with clients and subject-matter experts to complete the business requirements analysis. Discovery Sessions will be based on Trond Frantzen’s book, How to Run Awesome Discovery Sessions. Each team member will receive a copy. 

  • Complete Business Requirements Analysis: During the process of developing the business requirements for the project, we will guide the team in completing the Business Requirements Document, including sign-offs.

This is usually a 10-20 day program. It may be more or less, depending on the need and the size of the project. Also, it may not be consecutive days – it may extend over a longer calendar period, to adjust to the availability of subject-matter experts (SMEs) to the project team.

To discuss this powerful, results-based, no-risk program, please contact Trond Frantzen (Managing Partner) by email or phone

BETH HAWKINGS: Manager, Information Management | Major Environment Permitting Project

Coaching on a Project“Thank you for your great piloting skills. As always, it was inspiring to watch you and Stuart work so comfortably together to draw out business information from staff who often have difficulty seeing the WHAT’s from the HOW’s.”

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