Business Requirements Analysis

Business Process ImprovementEvery company, large or small, has to develop its business processes to support the objectives of the organization. In many cases, particularly for emerging companies, this is done on the back of a napkin, leading to having to do it again in the near future; and again and again. And wasting a lot of money, but without really noticing it.

Business process development should be done by expert professionals, and with the full engagement of your business and subject-matter experts.

New processes may impact other, existing processes. Therefore, new business processes have to be integrated into the business processes that already exist in the organization. This may require changes to existing processes, and sometimes results in compromises. Lack of knowledge or experience could result in compromises that damage processes throughout the organization the domino effect. Process and data integrity analysis is crucial to success, and future cost reduction. 

PowerStart Group consultants are experts at business process modelling and development. Our Managing Partner, Trond Frantzen, has written several books on the subject.

If you need new or revised business process, including the data that’s required by those processes, and the data that results from them, then we are your go-to consultants. Whether you need business processes for a whole business unit, or for just a single process, we’ll get it done for you in a lot less time than you would imagine.

To discuss your organization’s needs, please contact Trond Frantzen (Managing Partner) by email or phone

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