Project Rescue

HProject Failureow do you cope when your IT project has to deliver … too much, too quickly, and with too few resources?

Standard project management strategies and tactics won’t work. And imposing a “death-march” regime of more staff and heavy overtime on the project is a recipe for disaster too. 

Senior PowerStart consultants will work with you to develop and implement strategies that work – a combination of “triage” mechanisms for prioritizing requirements; rapid, agile processes for analysis, design, implementation, and testing; peopleware strategies based on positive leadership; and a heavy dose of risk management.

If it’s a death-march project that we believe is utterly doomed from the outset … we will tell you that, and go home without wasting any more of your money.

If you have a project that is failing or seriously challenged, please contact Trond Frantzen (Managing Partner) by email or phone

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