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Awesome Discovery Sessions – It’s Not Magic

Trond Frantzen, Managing Partner & Chief Business Analyst | The PowerStart Group I’ve been studying and teaching Business System Analysis for many years. I’ve delivered courses and seminars to over 35,000 professionals. I hope others have enjoyed them as much as I

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Customer Failure 101 – Or, How to Kill Your Business without Even Knowing It

Trond Frantzen, Managing Partner & Chief Business Analyst | The PowerStart Group A few days ago I made reservations for four of us to have a working lunch. It was a nice restaurant in a beautiful brand new building. I had

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The Professional’s Success Code

Every professional must have a foundation that guides all business development and project work. That foundation is based on 9 principles.

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What Does an “Agile” Business Really Mean?

Trond Frantzen, Managing Partner & Chief Business Analyst | The PowerStart Group An “agile” business environment is really a frame of mind, rather than a specific process applied to a project. It’s a paradigm or mental model of how we can approach our

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