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The First Principle of Business Analysis

Trond Frantzen, Chief Business Development Strategist | The PowerStart Group Several years ago, Gerald M. (Jerry) Weinberg coined what he called The Lump Law, which stated: “In order to understand anything, we shouldn’t try to understand everything all at once.” In

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Goals are Elusive Monsters

Trond Frantzen, Managing Partner | The PowerStart Group Professional goals are the darndest things. They can be elusive monsters that follow us for years, perpetuate guilt (for not hitting them), often don’t get updated, and cry out for the magic formula

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Your Foundation – What It Takes to Win

Trond Frantzen, Managing Partner | The PowerStart Group “The good life is expensive. There is another way to live that does not cost as much, but it isn’t any good.” – Spanish Distiller We all sell something: A product, a service,

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