Process Modeling for Business Analysts Made Easy

Process Modeling for Business Analysts Made EasyMany people say business process modeling is challenging, difficult and requires a lot of practice. They have been saying this for years, and there are scores of books showing exactly how difficult and complex it can be.

But this simply isn’t true.

So, how do you elicit business requirements? How do you discover the real needs and problems of the business?

How do you determine the questions to ask? How do you document the answers?

This book provides practical solutions to each of these important questions, and more. Trond Frantzen’s ‘PowerStart Business Analysis’ approach to Requirements Analysis provides a clear alternative to the legacy methods of wishy-washy, vague and non-specific specifications.

The results will always be clear, concise, unambiguous, in business terms, and brief. And provably complete.

Find out how it really is that easy. You can get it here from Amazon in hardcopy of digital from Amazon Kindle.

Read several excerpts from the book here.  

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