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Trond Frantzen, Principal


Trond Frantzen founded The PowerStart Group in 2003. For 17 years prior to this (1986-2003) Trond led an international IT consulting and training firm. 

Trond is a skilled marketing strategist, an analyst, a business advisor, a leader, and an author. 

As a consultant he has led business development projects with scores of clients across Canada and the U.S. He is also the developer of the agile PowerStart Business Requirements Analysis Method and author of a dozen books on business requirements analysis, as well as consulting marketing. Trond also developed the PowerStart Business Building Lab, designed to help growing businesses focus their knowledge and skills on successful future growth.

Trond has led business development sessions with over 35,000 persons. He is based in Calgary.

Gordon L. Kargus, Senior Consultant


 Gordon L. Kargus, MBA, has spearheaded over 100 projects. He is a recognized expert in many government service organizations, specializing in project management, project rescue, security, process architecture, business re-engineering, and organizational transformation. 

Gord has led project development sessions with scores of professionals. He is an expert in the PowerStart Business Requirements Analysis Method. Gord is based in Ottawa. 

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"Trond has a magical quality. I have seen his work take very complex disasters and using his approach, create a project that has everyone nodding yes to. We all tend to complicate the heck out of everything and Trond has a knack of getting to what is needed vs wanted. Simplification and segmentation of events is the making of a successful project and a happy CFO."

JOHN NESBITT, Senior VP, Business Development

If you are interested in bringing your company from where you are now to where you want to be, please contact us. We have a unique approach and methodology that will help you focus your efforts on your objectives. 

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