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Trond Frantzen founded The PowerStart Group in 2003. Previously, he was CEO of an international IT consulting firm. Trond is a business leader, a methodologist, and an author. 

As a consultant he has led business development teams with scores of clients across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. He is also the developer of the agile PowerStart Business Analysis Method and author of a dozen books on business requirements analysis. Trond has led business development sessions with over 35,000 persons. He is based in Calgary.

Gordon L. Kargus, MBA, has spearheaded over 100 projects. He is a recognized expert in many government service organizations, specializing in project management, project rescue, security, process re-engineering and architecture, and organizational transformation. Gord has led project development sessions with scores of professionals. He is an expert in the PowerStart Business Analysis Method. Gord is based in Ottawa.

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If you are interested in discussing the professional development of your team, or the business requirements of your project and its unique challenges, please contact Trond Frantzen. We'll have a chat and see what we can do.  

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